Saturday, August 31, 2019

The Reveal ~> Pixelated Garden Quilt

I'm proud to present my Pixelated Garden quilt.
I love everything about this quilt...
Those picket fence posts will be hanging down the sides of the bed. 
Sew much fun!

I now get to show you the colouring page, too, from my Pixelated Garden quilt design.

I used dozens of different tone on tone fabrics for my quilt, giving it the spice of variety.
It would also look amazing using one fabric per colour, or even better, the same version of tone on tone fabric (like a subtle weave) in the different colours.

This quilt pattern, with easy directions, will be available soon.
Free to Members for a short time, when it's first introduced, of course!!

Please Note: You will need to get the pattern from my site, to get my permission to copy this design.

I feel the need to post this reminder,
for those who are thinking of copying a quilt you like.
If you don't buy the pattern, you don't have permission to copy the original design!
Please respect all Designers and their right to make a living. :)

Only 3 more sleeps until the 2019 Online Quilters Meet & Greet begins!!

Happy Stitching!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

2019 Online Quilters Meet & Greet - Coming Soon!

It's coming up to the 'Sew' Exciting time of year...
Behind the scenes I've been getting together this years Quilters Meet & Greet event
That your invited to!

Date: September 3rd, 2019
Time: All Month
Prize: One Great Grand Prize
List of Guests: Amazing!
Where: Right Here - Stay Tuned!

Today I'm sharing a sneak peek at the Great Grand Prize,
that'll be available to one lucky winner!!

The Great Grand Prize Includes...

4 pre-cut bundles from a Fabulous Fabric Company - Riley Blake Designs!

Cowboy Country Rolie Polie (2½ inch strips.  40 strips.)


Blooms & Bobbins Rolie Polie (2½ inch strips.
  40 strips.)

Fab-boo-lous 10" Stacker

Liberty of London Summer House Fat Quarter Bundle

You'll find more details about Riley Blake Designs here.

3 Different Thread Sets from Aurifil!

Aneela Hoey – Stay Gold *
Thread: 10 x small spools of Aurifloss, our 6 strand embroidery floss,
conveniently wound on rustic wooden spools. 
(18 yds each)
*This thread set includes a free pattern designed by Aneela.
More info here.

Camille Roskelley – Simplify
Thread: 10 x small spools of Aurifil 50wt Egyptian Mako Cotton (Long Staple). 
(220 yds each)
More info here.

Sheena Norquay – Autumn Collection
Thread: 10 x small spools of Aurifil 50wt Egyptian Mako Cotton (Long Staple). 
(220 yds each)
More info here.

Quilt Batting from The Warm Company!

Warm & Natural King Size Batting - 120" x 124"
The finest needle-punched cotton batting!
More details here.

Two Starter Sets from Sewline!

Sewline Quilter Starter Set Includes:
    5-1/2" Snippet scissors
Fabric Glue Pen
Duo Fine Fabric Marker & Eraser
Styla Fabric Marker with water erasable ink
Aqua Eraser
Stayer permanent marker
Sewline Fabric Pencil in white
and Fabric Eraser.

Sewline Sewing Start Set Includes:
White Fabric Pencil with 1.3mm lead
Glue Pen
Styla water erasable pen
Duo Marker & Eraser Fine Point Pen
Aqua Eraser
and 8" fabric scissors.

More details here

A Permanent (non-expiring) Quilt Pattern Membership from Victoriana Quilt Designs!

You can learn more & sign up for the Permanent Quilt Pattern Membership
from Victoriana Quilt Designs anytime 

Every blog you visit during the event
gives you a chance to enter for the Great Grand Prize.
Limited to 1 entry per blog.

Mark Your Calendars!

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Coming Along...Until

I've a bunch of tidbits to share with you today...

I've mentioned before, that my Mom encouraged me to buy my own sewing machine when I was a teenager.
She saw that sewing was an important part of my life, by how much I was using her Elna.
As a fan of Sears (Kenmore was good back then), she found me this great deal!
Looking at my manual yesterday, I found the receipt inside!
On June 18, 1977 I bought my Kenmore (model 1947) for $199.99 & the case for 19.99!

It's still the sewing machine I use to this day.

After 20 years of keeping my pins, my main pincushion is losing it's top!
I'm going to try to salvage it by adding a new cover - to match my Playing with Pincushions collection.

It's too useful - small with the magnet base, to give up on it.

New Online in the Schoolhouse Section of Victoriana Quilt Designs
~> Tips & Tricks for Pretty Patchwork with Open Seams 
This online tutorial is free to Members of Victoriana Quilters. 
The information and ideas will help you get a finer result when sewing patchwork quilt blocks with open seams. 
They'll give you pretty flat patchwork.
It is suitable for beginner to intermediate quilters.

Extra tips for my scrap Postage Stamp with a Twist pattern are also included.

Victorian Rose Garden ~ 1998
I made this quilt after I fell in love with that rose print.
I countered the roses with my love of plaids!
Many of them were shared with me from some special ladies of my quilt guild.
I finished the scalloped edge with cording, instead of of binding.

I was making good progress on my 'can't show you yet' quilt and even started to work on the border!!
I had a vivid memory, from way back when...remembering how I dreaded needing to thread my sewing machine - always so nervous I'd get it wrong, with all the different hooks and gadgets it needs to be wound around and through - and the order it goes in.
I referred to the diagram in my manual for a very long time.

Don't remember when it changed, but I like that it isn't a big deal anymore!

Bravely showing you the back of a block.

You can get an idea of how much progress I'm making on my quilt, by how many blocks I've completed for the quilt I stitch in between the units/blocks (my current anchor cloth project) - while chain piecing.
5 more! 
All progress is good... 

Talk about going down a rabbit hole!
I found one mistake on my Gallery page - and when I went to fix it, that lead me to more and more....
All fixed now, I think!
Coding my web pages is really not my strongest suit - if you ever find an error, please let me know!

I got the top half of quilt center sewn to bottom half.
More progress on the border.
Fun long weekend sewing!

The stitches on my machine were getting wonky and different sizes...and my sewing machine suddenly had a squeak.
But then I followed the squeak to the walking foot.
When I removed it I found that the 'teeth' had worn down.
It took a lot of stitching to get this far!
Who knew you could wear out a sewing machine foot...
I was so relieved that it wasn't a bigger problem with the machine itself!
Different foot - Happy Stitching again!
What a difference a foot makes. :)

I had to unstitch and resew some of my quilt.
It's completely my fault - I was too much in a hurry to get it done, to bother adding my row markers to the rows...and ended up sewing them in the wrong order.
And I didn't notice until I was working on the border.

I really thought I had kept proper track of where everything went.
Lesson learned - again!

I've now caught back up, with the center properly together...and am almost done one of the borders!

Can't wait to show you!

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