Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Spoonflower Hack: Make a Quick Cheater Panel Baby Quilt

Fabric Quilt Labels
I've mentioned Spoonflower before.
They offer eco-friendly, printed-on-demand products, and I'm very pleased to be selling my Fabric Quilt Labels and my new fabric designs through my Victoriana Patchwork shop.

I finally played with the fill-a-yard feature on the Spoonflower site.
It's a great tool for sewers & quilters,  
allowing you to sample a lot of fabric designs, before buying larger amounts.

This easy tip, that I'm sharing with you today, will also allow you to create a cheater baby quilt panel using any design collection on the Spoonflower site.

Here's how to make a cheater quilt panel for a super cute & quick baby quilt:

Click the link to take you to my Victoriana Patchwork Shop.

Click the 'Designed Collections' link.

Choose the baby sampler patchwork collection of designs.
You could also choose the victoriana patchwork complete collection, which contains all of my fabric designs in one collection.

Click the Fill-A-Yard - Start Designing button, above the fabric pictures.

A. Select the template you wish to fill.
For this baby panel, choose the 1 Yard Cheater Quilt with 42 squares.
B. Choose your fabric option.
C. Then click the Design Your Project button.

You will now fill in the 42 squares with the fabrics you choose.
1. Click your fabric choice on the right.
2. Click, within the 42 squares, where you wish that fabric to appear.
3. When all the squares are filled in, you add the panel to your cart.

Proceed to the check out if you are done shopping.

Here's another example, with the fabrics in slightly different order.
'Sew' cute!!

And how awesome it would be to use the main Baby Sampler Main Patchwork print as a matching backing fabric, and one of the blues as binding.

The whole thing could be made with 2½ yards of fabric total!

Layer the fabrics with batting and quilt (by machine or hand).
It's that simple!

Be sure to send me a picture, as I'd love to see the quilts you make with my fabrics!

Happy Stitching!

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Wednesday, July 01, 2020

July's Countdown to 20

July's Warm & Natural Prize
Beginning this month and leading up to the 
20th Anniversary of Victoriana Quilt Designs, next year, 
I'm inviting my favourite companies to help me celebrate
and say an extra special Thank You to the Victoriana Quilters!

If it wasn't for my Members, I wouldn't be here!
That's a fact!!
They have been so supportive of my work, by buying their memberships,
which has allowed me 20 years of sharing my quilt designs online.

So as an extra big Thank You to them, I'm having a year long party
with a great prize, they can enter for - each month.

A big Thank You to the The Warm Company for an amazing
prize containing an assortment case of 
5 packages of Warm & Natural cotton quilt batting!

It was easy for me to pick The Warm Company for my first prize.
Their Warm & Natural cotton batting is my go-to batting, for all my quilt projects.
It's soft, easy to quilt through, and the quality continues to impress me.
Plus their customer service is the best!!

My best story about The Warm Company happened a few years ago, 
when I started to make Welcome quilts for refugees,
they sent me a big box of batting to be used in some of these quilts.

When I asked them for a great prize for my Countdown to 20 feature,
they didn't hesitate and offered the wonderful 
1 King, 2 Queen, 1 Full and 1 Twin size cotton batting
for a case total of 5 packages!
With a $150.00 (USD) retail value!!

You will need to sign in.
Entry must be received by the end of July.
I entry per Member - each month.

Thank You for your continued interest
...and Let the Party Begin!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Getting Ready to Celebrate My 19th Anniversary.....

I've been working on plans to celebrate the 19th Anniversary of Victoriana Quilt Designs being online.

On June 1st a new online class for my The Sampler quilt begins.
It will run for 12 months.

It's available free to all Permanent Members of Victoriana Quilt Designs.
Email me to sign up.

Today I shared a small video of this beautiful traditional sampler quilt here.


A few years ago, I created this Playing with Pincushions collection.

And each year since I've added one more pincushion, giving the pattern as a gift to the Members of my site.



You can see a video of these pincushions, with up close views here.

Here's the original
 Playing with Pincushions series pattern.

I've been working on the 2020 pincushion - made with this mini Mariner's Compass block.

We're having 'sew' much fun!


I'm mentioning this again now...
Throughout 2020 you have a chance to win my Let's Have a Cuppa! set, which includes the pretty table topper, tea cozy, trivet & 2 coasters - with every purchase you make from Victoriana Quilt Designs.
As a bonus you'll receive 5 entries for purchasing a Permanent Membership!
Plus look for the x5 button for other special bonus patterns.

...because I've shared a video of the set that shows them all up close.

Thanks for your continued interest!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Thank Your Hospital Stitch Along

Here's an opportunity for Quilters to make a Thank You Mini Quilt for your Local Hospital, and all their wonderful employees who are going above & beyond for us, right now.
If you wish to take part in this online Stitch Along in May,
you'll need to join this special Facebook Group for it all.
Please Note: You will need to answer the 3 questions to enter this group.

This is open to all quilters!

Please share this information, to help spread the word...

Join me for some Thank You Stitching!

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Saturday, April 04, 2020

Colour Wheel of Fun Challenge

Who wants to play with colour?
Today I'm beginning 12 weeks of Colour Wheel of Fun Challenge!
It's taking place on my Facebook page.
Explore your stash & see what you find.
This week's colour is Yellow.

This is the picture of my yellow collection I just posted.
That yellow is such a pretty butter yellow.
It was so fun digging through my buttons & other stuff, to find these.

Share your picture of a yellow collection, featuring a favourite fabric.
Find the yellow post and add yours in the comments.

How to Play Tip: Find your favourite fabric from your stash, in the weekly colour.
Place it on a white background and surround it with a few other favourites in the same colour family.
Take your picture above the group.

Next weekend's colour: Yellow-Orange

Come Play!

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Monday, March 16, 2020

All Quilters - Everywhere - You're Invited...

As the 2020 Quilting Day approaches, this coming Saturday, it's occurred to me that some of the group celebrating may no longer go forward.
The more important thing of course, is to keep everyone healthy!
One great thing about the internet is we can still get together to celebrate the day!
So I'm putting together an impromptu Comfort Stitching Day
Who: Open to All Quilters - Everywhere!
When: All Day Saturday, March 21st, 2020.

Until then - Get some stitching/cutting ready.
On the day - Share what you're working on - your progress - and pictures if you can, throughout the day, when you're able to join in!
And how fun it will be to know that you're enjoying some stitching and celebrating quilting along with all these other Quilters!

Plus...for some extra fun, I'll put all the names of those who take part in a jar, and choose two winners.
Each winner will receive one of my Fabric Quilt Label panels (each has 7 different labels).

Please help spread the word!


I'm so grateful to enjoy sewing, as a way to alleviate stress!

Join in for some Comfort Stitching!

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