Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Why I Love the Wool Ironing Mat by Ecoigy


When I first heard about Ecoigy, I was quite excited.
Here's what they say about themselves on the site About page:

Ecoigy is a small family business with the mission of creating products that help to protect the earth. We focus on reducing waste and energy usage.
We are owned and operated in the United States in the great state of Michigan. 

They offered to send me a complimentary wool ironing mat to try and now I'm sharing my review.

The 14" x 14" Wool Ironing Mat is made from 100% Pure New Zealand Wool.
It comes with an eye glasses case, though I'll be using mine as a rotary cutter case!

It's 1/2" thick and is nicely dense.
I have a shelf that comes out of my desk, that it fits perfectly on, keeping it handy beside my sewing machine. 

I enjoyed pressing on it from the first.
It does have a bit of a new wooly smell, but that isn't too bad.

I don't use steam, and mist my quilt blocks with a mist spray, directly, as I've mentioned before.
The temperature did not need to be as hot as I usually use - they recommend medium heat, as the felted wool traps and radiates the heat back up through the fabric, giving you a beautiful press.

It's pin friendly & such a perfect size!

One thing I do need to mention...
The instructions do say it can be used on most hard surfaces, as it absorbs heat & moisture, preventing burns and overheating of the surface below.
I found that to be true, but I also was glad I first put an old cutting mat below it, as there was moisture between the two, after I finished pressing, that would have damaged my raw wood desk.

Enter before the end of November for your chance to win your own Ecoigy wool ironing mat!

Happy Pressing!

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  1. This one is on my wishlist. I have a large one I use now but I would like to have one beside my sewing machine. They do work great.

  2. I have a larger one which I really like. I use the "eyeglass" case for my large scissors.

  3. Your review is very good Benita - I had not thought that one can put pins in to stabilize work! I would love to try one. My family and I all try to use and buy from eco friendly sources and this one is definitely a winner. thanks for you work and your review.
    Pauline Perry perry94022 at hotmail dot com