Tuesday, May 24, 2022

A Patchwork Curtain

I've always wanted/planned to make a patchwork curtain - I love their charm!

I even started to collect wool patches, decades ago, in blacks, burgundy & grey...but the collecting stopped, when I moved away from the window it was planned for.

I currently have a bookshelf, that is used for storage, so not very pretty to look at.
Time to go through my buckets of fabrics kept eluding me.

Last week I noticed the stack of 8" squares, of my Victoriana Patchwork fabric samples.
They're perfect to use for the curtain, and seeing my designs, as a patchwork curtain, is the cherry on top!! :)

The math worked out that I needed 5 squares across and 10 rows down = 50 squares.
I have more than enough samples, so I picked my best basics.

After trimming them all to an equal size (7¾"), I laid them out, until I was pleased with the arrangement.

I started sewing the patches in pairs, and the pairs into very large 4 Patch units.

These are the largest 4 Patch units I've ever made. 
You can also see the smallest 4 Patch, I've sewn.

I made vertical 2 Patch units, to be the 5th patch in each of the rows.

Because it's hanging in front of the shelf, I didn't line it, or even do something fancy to hang it.
If you were making one for a doorway or window, I would suggest you do both.

What I did do was fold over the seam allowance along the edges, and top stitched them.

Don't you love how it turned out?!
I took this picture before the final pressing - which I'll get to, on the next, endlessly sunny day.

I hope I inspired you to make your own patchwork curtain!

Happy Stitching!

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Monday, June 21, 2021

20 Years of Sharing Quilting with the World

 I'm so thrilled to be able to say, that I started offering my quilt designs, on my website Victoriana Quilt Designs - 20 years ago, this month!

It's been an exciting month, so far.

I hope you requested the special (free) Q is for Quilting mini quilt pattern, that I've posted as my gift to say - Thank you for your continued interest!


I was also honoured to be included, on the #womensart twitter account.


Back in 2017 the Membership series I offered through my website was
Playing with Pincushions.
We made 9 different pincushions. 
Each year since, in June, I've offered the Members a bonus pincushion pattern.

They've now grown to a lovely collection!
My favourite is still the Crazy Quilted Dress Form.

It all started with the sweet, tiny Hexagon pincushion.
The tutorial for it, is still available on my site.
The link to it can be found on the Playing with Pincushions page.

This year, my bonus pincushion is a tutorial (below), that is available to everyone interested!

It's the general directions that will allow you to make any small, treasured container into a pincushion.

I made mine a basket.

1. Begin by choosing your container.

I had two small baskets and a cracked egg cup that I considered.

Some things to consider - if you plan to use it, you may want to weigh it with something, on the bottom of the container - if it's too light, just so it'll stay put, when you're pulling pins out.

2. Measure the longest side - up the side, across the top, and down the opposite side. An approximate measurement is fine.

Psst...You'll find a tutorial to cover a plastic tape measure (like the one in the picture), here.

3. Find a circle (mine was a plate) that is the same measurement.

4. Using your circle, draw a circle on the back of the fabric you're using and also on a scrap piece of cotton batting.

5. Cut the circles out.
    For the batting, trim an extra 1/8" off, as you cut out.

6. Pin the batting in place, in the center of the wrong side of the fabric.
Turn over the raw edge, approximately 1/4", towards the batting and stitch it down using a running stitch.
Do not knot off the thread when you have stitched all the way around.

7. Pull the stitching to gather the edge towards the center, until you have a 2" hole.

Fill the middle with stuffing, until you are happy with how 'stuffed' it is.
Then continue pulling the thread, to close the hole further, and knot it off, to hold it in place.

Now you stuff this ball into the container.
You can glue down, if you feel it needs it.
Mine is tight in the basket, and didn't need it.

Happy Stitching!

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Thursday, June 03, 2021

Email Tip for Those Missing Emails


So frustrating - Comcast bounced hundreds of my newsletters, though these people signed up to receive it.

If you’re their customer, I think I now know, how you can start getting the all those emails you’re not receiving!
Click the 'Home' tab or here's the direct link to my Email Tip.

This tip might also be helpful for other internet servers.

Let me know if it works for you!

And if you should have received my newsletter and didn’t get it, message or email me & I’ll resend it to you.

20 Years of Sharing Quilting with the World!

Thanks for being on this journey with me...

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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Why I Love the Wool Ironing Mat by Ecoigy


When I first heard about Ecoigy, I was quite excited.
Here's what they say about themselves on the site About page:

Ecoigy is a small family business with the mission of creating products that help to protect the earth. We focus on reducing waste and energy usage.
We are owned and operated in the United States in the great state of Michigan. 

They offered to send me a complimentary wool ironing mat to try and now I'm sharing my review.

The 14" x 14" Wool Ironing Mat is made from 100% Pure New Zealand Wool.
It comes with an eye glasses case, though I'll be using mine as a rotary cutter case!

It's 1/2" thick and is nicely dense.
I have a shelf that comes out of my desk, that it fits perfectly on, keeping it handy beside my sewing machine. 

I enjoyed pressing on it from the first.
It does have a bit of a new wooly smell, but that isn't too bad.

I don't use steam, and mist my quilt blocks with a mist spray, directly, as I've mentioned before.
The temperature did not need to be as hot as I usually use - they recommend medium heat, as the felted wool traps and radiates the heat back up through the fabric, giving you a beautiful press.

It's pin friendly & such a perfect size!

One thing I do need to mention...
The instructions do say it can be used on most hard surfaces, as it absorbs heat & moisture, preventing burns and overheating of the surface below.
I found that to be true, but I also was glad I first put an old cutting mat below it, as there was moisture between the two, after I finished pressing, that would have damaged my raw wood desk.

Enter before the end of November for your chance to win your own Ecoigy wool ironing mat!

Happy Pressing!

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Thursday, October 01, 2020

October's Countdown to 20


Beginning in July and leading up to the 
20th Anniversary of Victoriana Quilt Designs, next year, 
I'm inviting my favourite companies to help me celebrate
and say an extra special Thank You to the Victoriana Quilters!

If it wasn't for my Members, I wouldn't be here!
That's a fact!!
They have been so supportive of my work, by buying their memberships,
which has allowed me 20 years of sharing my quilt designs online.

So as an extra big Thank You to them, I'm having a year long party
with a great prize, they can enter for - each month.

A big Thank You to Clover for the #CloverSquad box 
of quilting & sewing tools as your prize!

Clover has been part of my quilting life, as far back as I can remember.
When I go to buy something with the name Clover on it, I already know it's going to be a quality product.
And the variety of helpful patchwork quilting tools and sewing notions they offer, makes every project much easier!

I asked Clover for a great prize for my Countdown to 20 feature,
and they offered their #CloverSquad box
of quilting & sewing tools as your prize!

With a $184.00 (USD) retail value!!

The box includes a variety of sewing essentials like:

Gold Eye Milliners – Art. No 236
Gold Eye Sharp Needles – Art. No 237/10
Threader and Petit Cut – Art. No 478
Tailor’s Chalk (White) – Art. No 432/W
Seam Ripper – Art. No 482/W 
Water Erasable Marker (Thick) – Art. No 516
Protect ‘n Grip Thimble (Medium) – Art. No 6026
Wonder Clips (Asst/10pc) – Art. No 3185
Bordeaux Ultimate Shears – Art. No 4942
Rotary Cutter (45mm) – Art. No 7500
I Sew For Fun Pin Caddy – Art. No 9602 
I Sew For Fun Heart-Shaped Pins – Art. No 9604
I Sew for Fun Roll & Press – Art. No 9612 
I Sew for Fun Point 2 Point Turner – Art. No 9613

You will need to sign in.
Entry must be received by the end of October.
1 entry per Member - each month.

~The winner can be from any country~

Thank You for your continued interest
...and Happy Stitching!

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