Tuesday, May 24, 2022

A Patchwork Curtain

I've always wanted/planned to make a patchwork curtain - I love their charm!

I even started to collect wool patches, decades ago, in blacks, burgundy & grey...but the collecting stopped, when I moved away from the window it was planned for.

I currently have a bookshelf, that is used for storage, so not very pretty to look at.
Time to go through my buckets of fabrics kept eluding me.

Last week I noticed the stack of 8" squares, of my Victoriana Patchwork fabric samples.
They're perfect to use for the curtain, and seeing my designs, as a patchwork curtain, is the cherry on top!! :)

The math worked out that I needed 5 squares across and 10 rows down = 50 squares.
I have more than enough samples, so I picked my best basics.

After trimming them all to an equal size (7¾"), I laid them out, until I was pleased with the arrangement.

I started sewing the patches in pairs, and the pairs into very large 4 Patch units.

These are the largest 4 Patch units I've ever made. 
You can also see the smallest 4 Patch, I've sewn.

I made vertical 2 Patch units, to be the 5th patch in each of the rows.

Because it's hanging in front of the shelf, I didn't line it, or even do something fancy to hang it.
If you were making one for a doorway or window, I would suggest you do both.

What I did do was fold over the seam allowance along the edges, and top stitched them.

Don't you love how it turned out?!
I took this picture before the final pressing - which I'll get to, on the next, endlessly sunny day.

I hope I inspired you to make your own patchwork curtain!

Happy Stitching!

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