Monday, April 29, 2019

My Week in Pictures

I enjoyed some hand stitching on my Stained Glass Strings Diamond quilt, while watching the first round of the hockey playoffs.
I got the first 4 rows completely together!
My team - The Toronto Maple Leafs - didn't win, so now I'm back to listening to the radio or audio books while I stitch.

Row 7 blocks ready to stitch together, and what I'm now stitching.
I love my night time stitching progress!

Blue & White Tiles Quilt Series
 The Blue & White Tiles Block #3 is now online here.

I still have some 4mm Silk Ribbon packages available - here.

I was going through my buckets, pulling out fabrics for several quilt blocks & projects the other day...and love how freshly spring these colours were.
Happily shopping my stash!

My current design wall!
That's the If I Drive... and Storyland blocks.
I put them together on the wall when I was choosing the fabrics for the next blocks - which was helpful.
If all goes as planned the next blocks & ebook pages are coming this week!
Applique Fun!

Happy Stitching & Good Progress Ahead!

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Monday, April 22, 2019

Earth Day

It's Earth Day today!
I've a sewing project for you to make using some of your stash fabric.

It even has side pockets for bottles.

One hour - no more plastic bags!

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

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Saturday, April 20, 2019


It was an odd week here, with a bunch of unconnected incidents happening...and I, at one point, found myself staring at my inspiration wall for a while.
I then focused in on this picture of my Mom and I in August, 2000. 

I sometimes miss her so much!
I love the story of this picture.
My Mom was using a wheelchair by the time my parents had their 50th Wedding Anniversary.
I had made My Family Tree quilt as a present for my parents, and it was being displayed at their party - which is where they saw it for the first time.

Because she was being pushed around in the wheelchair and had many people to talk with, she didn't get a chance to see the quilt up close.
We were sitting together at the head table and when things settled down a little, Mom asked me to go get the quilt and bring it to her, so she could have a good look at it.
That's what you see in the picture.
She was so proud of my quilting and this keepsake quilt just added to that pride!

My Family Tree Quilt

My Family Tree Quilt Pattern
It's been one of my best selling quilt patterns, since I first published it as a pattern, because of how flexible it is for any size family!
That's my parent's wedding photo in the center and both of my grandparents 50th Anniversary Wedding photo in the roots.

Other things...

Evening Hand Stitching - 
I'm making progress on my Stained Glass Strings quilt - Rows 1 to 4 almost together! 
With my team in the playoffs (Toronto Maple Leafs), I should make good progress with my hand stitching!

One of the quilting rules I break: press seams together.
I 'sew' prefer to press my patchwork seams open, for a much flatter block.

Angels All Around Quilt Pattern

Angels Come in All Shapes & Sizes
This Angels All Around quilt is one of my earliest (of dozens) 'Sew Simple Sampler' quilt patterns.
Fun info - I won a 3rd place ribbon for this wall hanging.
I also offer this quilt as a printable note card, too!

See them all here.

This is the backside of my current applique.
Yes, my stitches are 1/16th" or less - for a much finer finish!

To prepare my applique patches, I almost always baste the seam allowance over first, and then baste the patch in place on the backing fabric.
It's especially helpful for little bits. 
I call this 'Basting Applique' and members can find a how to on the Member's Techniques page in the Library.

It's a very rainy weekend, here...

So I took the camera for a walk on Thursday and found some signs of spring - springing!

Enjoy Your Weekend!

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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Catching You Up...

Good Morning!
I know it's been a while...
With each day getting lighter, longer & warmer, I'm getting closer to my easier season!
Until my electricity options change, I've learnt to live with a much lesser amount than most.
I also have to use more of my time on keeping this place heated...especially hard when you run out of seasoned wood - way too early!
Because of that some things do not get the attention evenly throughout the year, and blogging was one of those activities, this winter.
I don't 'have' to blog, and since it's written online, it's the power & time it takes.
And of course I feel it's more important to give priority to all the new quilts I'm making - and the pattern writing/graphics.
[Those who also read my Off Grid Adventure Letters know all the issues I currently face.]
I'm not complaining - just explaining why I haven't been here much since last fall.

Note: If you used to get my blog posts through Google+, may I suggest signing up to receive the notice by email ~> in the right column.

I've been busy - grab your favourite beverage - here's what's new!

Emmett the Monkey Joins the Stuffies Baby Quilt Pattern Family
I'm still developing more designs for my Stuffies Baby Quilt Pattern Series.
Emmett the Monkey is the latest cutie to join the family.
[This quilt pattern is currently free to Members.]
You can see information about the whole Stuffies family here.


Blue & White Tiles Quilt Pattern Series - in two sizes!
I'm currently working on block #3 of the new Blue & White Tiles quilt.
I'm making my 9 block quilt into a wall hanging, but I also give the templates & instructions for a larger version.
Block #2 is now free to members!
Learn more about this patchwork quilt here.

If I Drive... Child Quilt Pattern Series & Companion eBook
This fun quilt series is chugging along - hehe.
There's now 5 blocks, with the next one coming soon!
[The Taxi pattern is currently free to Members.]
See more of the If I Drive... quilt blocks here.


Storyland Child Quilt Pattern & Companion eBook
I've also made good progress on another quilt series.
This is the 5th block of the Storyland quilt, with the next one coming soon!
[The Baa, Baa Black Sheep pattern is currently free to Members.]


I'm so proud of Jackie Howard!
Last weekend her Victoriana Album quilt won Best of Show, 1st Place, & Viewers Choice , at the Piece-ful Harbor 2019 Quilt Show by the Colonial Quilt Lovers Guild in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.
You can see Jackie & her quilt here.

She's inspired many to ask about making this quilt for themselves...
Which has encouraged me to re-offer this Stitch Along.

Victoriana Album Quilt Stitch Along
This 18-month Heirloom Album quilt Stitch Along
for non-expiring Victoriana Quilt Designs Members, will begin June, 2019.
Each month you can download a new block and appliqué your treasure as we go.
You will need to register (email me), to join the Stitch Along.
The registration confirmation email includes the fabric information.

Please Note:
Non-expiring Members will need to register to receive this Quilt Pattern Free (a $25 value) & Join this Stitch Along!


A Novel Idea Bookcase Quilt
I'm loving my A Novel Idea bookcase quilt!
It turned out exactly as I imagined it.
The final tutorial is online here.
It includes a good keeping track tip and my favourite way to sew my sashing & borders for a finer finish.

And stay tuned for my next free Block of the Month!


Thank You Mini Quilts
I was able to add a fourth Thank You Mini Quilt - for a Nurse or Team of Health Care workers.
These quilt patterns are always free to Members, and can be found here.


Quilt Pattern Designs by Benita Skinner from Victoriana Quilt Designs


Thanks for your interest - I love knowing we're...

See more of the quilty inspirations I put online for sharing!

Happy Weekend Stitching!

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