Saturday, April 20, 2019


It was an odd week here, with a bunch of unconnected incidents happening...and I, at one point, found myself staring at my inspiration wall for a while.
I then focused in on this picture of my Mom and I in August, 2000. 

I sometimes miss her so much!
I love the story of this picture.
My Mom was using a wheelchair by the time my parents had their 50th Wedding Anniversary.
I had made My Family Tree quilt as a present for my parents, and it was being displayed at their party - which is where they saw it for the first time.

Because she was being pushed around in the wheelchair and had many people to talk with, she didn't get a chance to see the quilt up close.
We were sitting together at the head table and when things settled down a little, Mom asked me to go get the quilt and bring it to her, so she could have a good look at it.
That's what you see in the picture.
She was so proud of my quilting and this keepsake quilt just added to that pride!

My Family Tree Quilt

My Family Tree Quilt Pattern
It's been one of my best selling quilt patterns, since I first published it as a pattern, because of how flexible it is for any size family!
That's my parent's wedding photo in the center and both of my grandparents 50th Anniversary Wedding photo in the roots.

Other things...

Evening Hand Stitching - 
I'm making progress on my Stained Glass Strings quilt - Rows 1 to 4 almost together! 
With my team in the playoffs (Toronto Maple Leafs), I should make good progress with my hand stitching!

One of the quilting rules I break: press seams together.
I 'sew' prefer to press my patchwork seams open, for a much flatter block.

Angels All Around Quilt Pattern

Angels Come in All Shapes & Sizes
This Angels All Around quilt is one of my earliest (of dozens) 'Sew Simple Sampler' quilt patterns.
Fun info - I won a 3rd place ribbon for this wall hanging.
I also offer this quilt as a printable note card, too!

See them all here.

This is the backside of my current applique.
Yes, my stitches are 1/16th" or less - for a much finer finish!

To prepare my applique patches, I almost always baste the seam allowance over first, and then baste the patch in place on the backing fabric.
It's especially helpful for little bits. 
I call this 'Basting Applique' and members can find a how to on the Member's Techniques page in the Library.

It's a very rainy weekend, here...

So I took the camera for a walk on Thursday and found some signs of spring - springing!

Enjoy Your Weekend!

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