Thursday, November 15, 2018

Making the Quilts that Warm Hearts!

It's coming...Old Man Winter has done a hard knock at the door this week, with the first snow of the season - which has now melted, but the double digit windchill temperatures and strong winds are making it feel like it's mid-winter....brrrrr.
When I was enjoying my morning coffee, snuggled under a quilt, by the woodstove, the phrase 'Making the Quilts that Warm Hearts' came to me!
And they do just that!! :)

So the quilts you make are treasured for years, you know I always recommend a quilt label added to the back of every quilt you make.
My Fabric Quilt Labels make that easy - and now I have Version 2 available, too!
See both versions of the Fabric Quilt Labels here.
I have added a 'partial free shipping' option for those who don't qualify for the free shipping!

Happy Stitching!

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