Thursday, December 20, 2018

Calling All Crazy Quilting Lovers & Other News

Free Block of the Month News...

[Please Note: This section is my free quilt patterns - posted when I can - and not necessarily monthly, due to my current low electricity issues at this time of year.
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The current 'A Novel Idea' row #2 will be online next.
Rows #3 & #4 and finishing the quilt are still coming.

I already have the next quilt design planned...It's a fun quilt for candy lovers!

Crazy Quilt Lovers...

Anyone interested in stitching along to make my very popular, free Block of the Month 'Crazy Quilt Monthly Memories', throughout 2019?
Let me know if there would be interest in it.
If yes, I'll be posting in online on another site.

You can see it and my other Crazy Quilting designs here.

The daylight will start to get longer in the next few days - very happy about that!!

Happy Solstice!

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