Saturday, January 19, 2019

My 2018 Best Sellers!

This will be the first time I get to include my Best Sellers list on my blog...though I've featured them each year in January, on my social media accounts.
Another reason to love having this place to share and keep these details about Victoriana Quilt Designs!

[Clicking the pictures will take you directly to that pattern page.]

My Patchwork Sewing Machine cover is back on the list...
More pictures & details about this 'sew pretty' pattern available here.

Next comes the Scrap Happy Baby Ribbons pattern, which continues to be very popular, because it's pretty and my instructions make it 'sew' easy, with everything figured out!
Details here.

Down to the third highest seller - Scraps Galore
You cut the squares and my easy plan with directions take care of everything else!

Scraps Galore 2 is my newest scrap quilt design...and it made it to the number two spot last year!

And the #1 2018 Best Seller was...
The Stuffies Family - With Gerome the Giraffe ahead of the rest.
You can see them all here.

Emmett the Monkey is coming soon! 

Anyone interested in a virtual Stuffies Stitch Along later this year? 
I have two 'layouts' for baby quilts now.
I'm thinking of combining a bunch of them into an even larger 'junior' quilt.
Would you be interested in those directions?

Let me know, so I can plan...

Happy 2019 Stitching!

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