Sunday, January 06, 2019

My Off Grid Adventure Letters

Two people, in the last few days, have asked me about My Off Grid Adventure Letters...The Adventure Continues posts, and why it's only available to my Members.
I did move it to that section a few years ago because I now live alone, and it became unsafe for me to continue posting about my life – open for anyone to read.
If you'd like to read my posts about living off-grid in a forest, you can buy a Membership (which is now non-expiring) as a way to be able to read what I post, even if you don't use the quilt pattern part.
I did think of removing it completely, but after much encouragement I decided to give my sweet Members access – as they are the ones who best support my living here. 

January Offer: If you join this month I’ll gift you the pdf ‘book’ I’ve made up of the first 3 years I lived here - [The original 'My Off Grid Adventure Letters'], which I have for sale on my site.
[Please send me a note after you join that you'd like a copy.]

Thanks for your interest!

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  1. Benita, the above picture of your home would make a lovely center for the new blue tiles. Thanks for the new pattern.