Monday, September 16, 2019

Button Fun

Sometimes my attention to detail isn't helpful...
I got this wonderful shirt from the thrift store, last time I was in town.
I've finally worn out an old favourite (which is now being added to my stash), and I've been searching for a while for it's replacement.
$3.00 - You can't beat the price of buying previously owned clothing!
When I went to put this shirt on the other day, I noticed the buttons.
And the little 5 year old girl in me refused to wear it until they've been changed to a much better colour.
The beige plastic buttons, they put on so many shirts, just don't match the blue & white.

I have this tin full of Mother of Pearl buttons.
I dug through and found a group to replace the buttons on the shirt.

I decided to use one of my favourite 'detail' tricks, and sew them on with a blue thread that matches the shirt.
My go-to version is by stitching an 'X' to stitch the button on.
But after doing one, I realized it would be even better if I used an '+' to sew them on, which matches the white grid design better, so I started over.

Here's a closer look.
The button on the left is the new version I'm adding.
The one on the right is the boring plastic beige button.

Here's a close up of the stitching.
I used double thread, and stitch 3 times in each direction, which fills in the design nicely.

The whole exchange of buttons only took me an hour, and has made me so much happier to wear this shirt for years to come!

It's All in the Details...

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