Monday, October 28, 2019

Scrappy String Crayons Tutorial

It's been a very busy month, trying to get myself set up for the winter, but I also managed to get this fun project done...

After several string quilts I've been left with a large amount of short string pieces.
I've been thinking about what I could do with this collection of tiny strings, and this fun idea came to me!

These String Crayons were 'sew' fun to stitch!
I had more than enough of the shortest/tiniest scrap strings to make two sets of 12 crayons.

My plan was to make them into a 12" block, quilt & back with an envelope pillow cover (my favourite kind), to make them into pyjama pillows for my two Grandsons!
Shhhhh...don't tell them yet.

If you have a huge collection of scrap strings, you could also make them into really long crayons - lap quilt size, stitched side by side.
How awesome would that be!

String Crayons - Sew Fun!

This quilted up so quick, (I got both of them done in one afternoon) - and that's even counting all the thread changes I made to quilt each crayon with a matching thread.
Yes - I do sometimes machine quilt.

The pillow back panels next & then the binding.

The final corner of the binding, for the first String Crayon pyjama pillow.
I'm loving that sunshine!

Here's my finished String Crayons pyjama pillow #1 - Adorable!!

I took lots of pictures to process for the tutorial, including the basics of layering, basting, quilting & binding.
Seemed a perfect project to use for those details, as they're the same for quilts of any size.
Scrappy String Crayons Tutorial

The Scrappy String Crayons Tutorial is now available - You'll find it on my site here.

Happy Scrappy Stitching!

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  1. Thank you for this tutorial, which I am pretty sure will become my RSC2020!!

    1. You're welcome, Sandra - I look forward to seeing your pictures!

  2. How cute! I love this colorful quilt!

    1. Thanks, Danice - They were a hit with my Grandsons!