Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Meet & Greet Round Up News

'Sew' Exciting...
The winner of the Great Grand Prize from the
2019 Online Quilters Meet & Greet has been chosen!

~Great Grand Prize Winner~

Kathryn Parry

The Meet & Greet list will continue to be available for you to visit any blogs you've not yet had a chance to explore.
Thanks for being part of this second year of fun!


I so enjoyed organizing the 2019 Online Quilters Meet & Greet.
I'd like to give an extra big Thank You to all of my special guests and the wonderful, generous companies that helped me put this event together!

Be sure to look for the 2020 event next year!
If you're a quilter & have a blog (or a company with a prize) and would like to be part of the 2020 Meet & Greet, please email me and let me know you're interested.

And Thanks for your interest!

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  1. Thanks for great Hop Benita. Hopefully, you will hear from Kathryn soon.

    1. You're welcome, Jan - Such fun!
      Yes, Kathryn contacted me last night. :)

  2. Congrats to Kathryn. Thank you Benita for another fun Meet & Greet.

  3. Congratulations Kathryn...
    I am looking forward to hopefully joining in next year
    Sounds like you all had a great time