Monday, March 16, 2020

All Quilters - Everywhere - You're Invited...

As the 2020 Quilting Day approaches, this coming Saturday, it's occurred to me that some of the group celebrating may no longer go forward.
The more important thing of course, is to keep everyone healthy!
One great thing about the internet is we can still get together to celebrate the day!
So I'm putting together an impromptu Comfort Stitching Day
Who: Open to All Quilters - Everywhere!
When: All Day Saturday, March 21st, 2020.

Until then - Get some stitching/cutting ready.
On the day - Share what you're working on - your progress - and pictures if you can, throughout the day, when you're able to join in!
And how fun it will be to know that you're enjoying some stitching and celebrating quilting along with all these other Quilters!

Plus...for some extra fun, I'll put all the names of those who take part in a jar, and choose two winners.
Each winner will receive one of my Fabric Quilt Label panels (each has 7 different labels).

Please help spread the word!


I'm so grateful to enjoy sewing, as a way to alleviate stress!

Join in for some Comfort Stitching!

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