Saturday, April 04, 2020

Colour Wheel of Fun Challenge

Who wants to play with colour?
Today I'm beginning 12 weeks of Colour Wheel of Fun Challenge!
It's taking place on my Facebook page.
Explore your stash & see what you find.
This week's colour is Yellow.

This is the picture of my yellow collection I just posted.
That yellow is such a pretty butter yellow.
It was so fun digging through my buttons & other stuff, to find these.

Share your picture of a yellow collection, featuring a favourite fabric.
Find the yellow post and add yours in the comments.

How to Play Tip: Find your favourite fabric from your stash, in the weekly colour.
Place it on a white background and surround it with a few other favourites in the same colour family.
Take your picture above the group.

Next weekend's colour: Yellow-Orange

Come Play!

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