Sunday, June 02, 2019

Playing with New Designs

There's no such thing as too many...when it comes to fabrics!!
In my quilts I've always enjoyed using many different prints, in the colours needed for the design, which gives the final quilt that something extra.

This past week I 'needed' to work on a new design, that was buzzing in my head...not letting me think of anything else.

This is a blurred peek at the queen size quilt I've been puzzling out.
It's evolved into something I'm 'over the moon' about! 
And if the quilt looks half as beautiful as the pencil crayon drawing...

I've been designing quilts for more than 20 years...and this one will be one of my best!
Stay tuned!!

Finally it happened!
I had a full-on sunny day...and that meant two things had to happen ~>

1. I needed to iron this stack of fabrics.
I quickly cut these hunks & chunks from my stash, before the sun hit my solar panels.

I made good progress, getting a whole bunch of fabric ironed, while I had sunshine.
Then it went back to rain for a few days...and had to wait to do more.

2. I also needed a good forest walk - enough said. 
I took a video to share, of a lovely mossy nook I came cross...where I tried to sit and listen to the birds and other forest sounds.
But when I went to sit and listen to the forest, the black flies, which were out in abundance looking for a meal, were all around me - as you can see in the video.
I was able to nicely catch a pretty birdsong in the few seconds I was recording...and then continued my walk.

Thankfully I got a second sunny day.
Here I'm all set up and ready to get more of the needed ironing done, including an audio book and a view of the big window.
I'm felt lucky to have another full sun day, as they've been rare lately.
Because all of my electricity comes from solar power, I need to take advantage of having more than enough power to run an iron all day.
On cloudy days, I get enough power to run the refrigerator, computer/modem, sewing machine and even making me my needed coffees - but not enough to get these fabrics ironed - so I can begin cutting them up.

I found even more fabrics in my stash to add to the batch I started with.
Loving that stack of greens! 

Can you guess what I'm working here?

It's the 2019 Playing with Pincushions - Hearts Intertwined.
It will be available to Members of Victoriana Quilt Designs for my Anniversary month of June.

That pretty rose fabric that I used has a special story.
Way back in the 1990's, when I taught quilt workshops - travelling and out of my home, I used to save the scraps of fabrics that my students were throwing out.
I've been saving two tiny rectangles of this print since then, for just the perfect project - and here it is!

My whole collection of Playing with Pincushions patterns will be available as a special Anniversary Bonus, to those who purchase a non-expiring Membership this month.
You'll get the directions & templates for all of these pincushions:

My June Update Newsletter, which will be sent out in the next few days, will have the link to the free Hearts Intertwined Pincushion.

And speaking of Membership Bonuses...

Are you interested in virtually stitching along with others to make my Victoriana Album quilt?
There's one block a month, with Block #1 available now.
It's also free to non-expiring Members - You need to email me to register.

The Membership information is available on my site.
You still have time to be part of the fun!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Your new project sounds fabulous! Nice you got enough sun to iron, weather here in North-East of France is perfect now, I'm sending you some sun ;)