Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Autumn Jewels

Autumn Jewels Quilt Pattern
When the leaves of the trees turn into glorious colours we get to enjoy Autumn Jewels!
I designed this seasonal celebration quilt pattern in 2004.
I was living in Northern British Columbia, where it's mostly just yellows in the fall, and was missing the deep reds of the Maple trees.

Thankfully the forest where I live now has the complete range of fall colours! :)

You can see more details about the Autumn Jewels quilt pattern here.

You can see some of the Autumn Jewels quilts made from my pattern here.

Autumn Jewels Barn Quilt painted by Sue Michael
  This Autumn Jewels Barn Quilt was painted by Sue Michael (from my original Autumn Jewels design), for the Lawrence County Conservation District's office.
It's part of the "Quilt Trail" in Kentucky.

That's a wonderful version!

Inspiring a Nature Walk...

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