Saturday, October 20, 2018

Sharing and Sharing

Such a difference a season makes!
You can already see how much less I've been able to post, which has everything to do with having less electricity at this time of year - as the days get shorter and shorter and then there are the autumn storms.
I do need to clarify, that if I could have my turbine fixed it wouldn't be an issue, as the winds are good and strong, and along with my solar panels, I'd have enough power.
Also - it is my choice not to use a generator to charge the system's batteries.
The propane one I have, I'm not able to start myself - it's just got too strong a pull.
And I refuse to go down the gasoline key start generator path again -
I'm still not over being ripped off by Sears for the last one!

So I live by what nature brings me, and I'll post when I can!

I do have a few things to share today...

I've added the instructions/calculations for the Backing a Quilt Idea #8 - Frame Up.
Working out these ideas for any size quilt, to make them super easy!!
See more of these and get your copies here.

I get to play in My Happy Place today!
Sewing some books for 'A Novel Idea' block of the month quilt.
Tutorial coming soon...

Off to poke the woodstove - it's time for another coffee. :)

Happy Weekend Stitching!

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  1. Don't think I'd have the courage to live off the grid! Hope you stay warm enough!