Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Cloudy Days Progress

A cloudy few days, with a heavy rain coming tonight and into tomorrow, is keeping my electricity low.
I'm taking a few minutes online to let you know where I am...here - doing little jobs that don't take power.
My apologies for my lack of replying to emails - I will get them done when the sun comes back!

My current anchor cloth project is my Postage Stamp with a Twist quilt.
I was able to cut up a bunch of new tiny squares out of recent small scrap pieces of fabric.
Plus I have many units that I didn't get to pin together yet - so that's a great job to get ready for when I can sew.

And of course my newest Stained Glass Strings blocks are getting stitched together, too.
I've begun row #4.

There's a pot of soup heating on the wood stove...so I'm good! :)

Happy Progress!

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