Monday, May 06, 2019

Folded Fat Quarter Fabric Bouquet

 As someone who collects fabrics and sews, getting a batch of fat quarters as a gift is the best!
I also enjoy sharing ways of folding fat quarters, into pretty packages, to give as gifts.

[See below for the links to both the Fat Quarter Star and Fat Quarter Tree below, which I've had available on my site for a few years now.]

Today I'm including an easy how to, so you can fold the fabric fat quarter gift into a bouquet!

To Begin...
~Gather your fat quarters, pressing them flat.
~I used popsicle sticks, because I had them, but chop sticks or even cut up wood dowels would also work.
~I had hair elastics to hold the flowers rolled, but anything that will tie them, even ribbon would work.
~A pretty mug or container to put the bouquet in.
~I added a bunch of beads in the bottom of the mug and then covered them with a bunch of green rick rack. That gave me something to put the sticks into.
Buttons would also work.

Fold the fat quarter, as shown above, bringing the selvage & raw edge toward the center.

Then fold it in half.

Fold it one more time.

Place the stick as shown.
Fold the end of the fabric over the stick.

Begin rolling the fabric, so the fabric scrolls down slightly, with each roll.

To finish, fold the end in, to hide the raw edge.
Tie the bottom with the elastic or ribbon.

Finally put all of your 'flowers' into the container!

Fat Quarter Star

Folded Fat Quarter Star How To

You'll find the Fat Quarter Star directions available at the bottom of the web page here.

Fat Quarter Tree

Folded Fat Quarter Tree How To

You'll find the Fat Quarter Tree directions available on this web page here.

Have Fun!

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