Saturday, May 04, 2019

Sharing a Fun Find

Such a Fun Find!
When going through a box where I have 'keepsakes' from my parent's, I found a few newspaper clippings my Mom saved.
This one (December, 1993) is about a special quilt my guild (Simcoe County Quilters' Guild) made to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Simcoe County.
We also gave it as a Thank You to the Simcoe County Museum, for letting us hold our meetings and quilt show there.
The large older building (original county administration centre) is the block I made, which is similar in style to my other pictorial quilts (see in the Gallery of my site), I was making/teaching at the time.

I loved reading the article and remembering the lovely ladies I spent time with then!!

I'm sure you'll be happy my daylight is getting longer each day, as that helps my progress in bringing you new quilt patterns, and posting more often again.
The newest If I Drive... Truck block was added early this week.

More recent progress ~> A pretty new Victoriana Dresdens pattern - is almost ready - plus I'm working on a design that is 'sew' fun - I'm sure you'll want to make yourself one!!

You can see all that's new with my Update Newsletter here.

I 'sew' enjoy creating with fabric!

This fabric is currently inspiring me...

The spring here has continued cool, with the nights dipping down to near freezing.
But there are some more signs that we are moving to the warmer season.

My favourite grand old Maple tree is now blooming with lovely red flowers.
The light green that covers all of those upper branches is lichen.

And the Forsythia bush near the house is smelling lovely, too!
I wish I could share this smell with you.

Storyland Quilt & Companion eBook
 The newest block from the Storyland quilt - Part #6 is now online here.

Some of my weekend plans include getting a post ready about fun ways to gift fabric for Moms or friends who quilt.

Happy Stitching!

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