Saturday, May 11, 2019

My Newest Quilt Pattern & 20 Years Back!

Victoriana Dresden Flower

My newest quilt pattern is another in my Victoriana Dresdens series.
It's a pretty flower!
I've included instructions to make it into a pillow or the flower only (without the backing fabric square) - as a table mat - with a blanket stitching edge.
More details here.

Here's a 'sew pretty' view.

Taking you back 20 years....
This is me standing in front of my 'The Sampler' quilt.
That quilt is still very popular, and a fun way to display many traditional quilt blocks...with the wonderful Crazy Quilt center!
Seeing this picture is making me miss my dark hair! :)

...And using scraps to make a quilt is the most fun!

Happy Stitching!

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