Thursday, September 20, 2018

Along with My Quilt Patterns...

In introducing my site, I haven't had a chance to share some extras that I also offer  - besides the dozens of my original quilt patterns! :)

There are the printable note cards that feature some of my best quilts plus there are some with my original art work - Like Scarecrow Jane and Angelica.

You'll find the whole collection here.


A bunch of years ago, I had to opportunity to buy 16 colours of some lovely 4mm width silk ribbons.
As there is way more there than I can ever use, I make up packages of 5 yards of each colour, and sell them on my site here - for the best price of $25.00 (USD) - with free shipping to Canada & USA.


I've always offered a Membership, that allowed Members to get all of my newest quilt patterns for free. The old version had to be renewed each year.
What's New is when you buy this Membership - and it's now non-expiring!
Full details here.


And most recently, I've added Fabric Quilt Labels, created with my original art work.
You get 7 different labels on one fabric panel, for $10.00 (USD) - with free shipping to Canada & USA.
A quick & lovely way to add the quilt information to the back of the quilt, that will be treasured for years!

I 'Sew' Appreciate Your Interest!

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