Thursday, September 27, 2018

Repurposing by Adding Details

I've had two tops sitting in my sewing area, for over a year, that I had thoughts of 'combining' into a new top.
The grey one is so soft, but there were a few issues I wasn't happy with.
The 'v' neck was a little too low and it hangs too baggy, looking quite boring and does nothing for this girl's figure.

I like the stripes of the second top, but it's a little too snug to be flattering, with those horizontal lines.

Wearing them both at the same time, with striped one underneath did not help.
I did originally have thoughts of stitching the 'v' of the striped one under the 'v' of the grey, but when I basted them together like that, the faux snaps on the striped 'v' took all the attention.
I put it aside for a few days, to give it a think.
Then the idea of using the upper back edge of the striped top across the grey 'v' came to me, making me realize looking at the different parts of the top added so much more options.

To join them, after basting them together and making sure it looked good, I embroidered around the trim of the grey neck edge, using black embroidery floss and a chevron stitch.

I then took the cuffs of the striped top, and added them under the sleeves of the grey one.
I first folded under the grey cuff, and basted the two units together.
I then added the same chevron stitching around the sleeve, adding this lovely detail while joining the two pieces.

I've also added an elastic across the front of the grey top, just below my bra line.I stitched the elastic behind the fabric and attached it with a hand sewn stem stitch, to hold it in place.This gathers the top slightly at the front only, pulling in the fullness nicely across my stomach. Doing this leaves the back to hang loose, which I also like.
If I ever get/take a picture of me wearing this top, I'll share it...but this morning it's not possible.

I was inspired to finally work on this project by watching the movie Coco Before Chanel last week.
My favourite part was learning about her earliest creations!
I've often replaced buttons of a shirt or blouse, as little details can add so much.
That I now created one of my favourite tops to wear, out of two I never wore, has sparked more ideas, and I already have 3 more 'hanging' around for me to think about. :)

Happy Stitching!

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