Sunday, September 09, 2018

Back to Stitching - Happy Face

I've finally made myself take a little time, for the past few days, to end my day with some stitching!
It's amazing how much it relaxes me!

I've finished my two Grandsons gifts - and these are now in the mail to them.
That means I'll be able to post about them soon...after they get opened.

Last night I started stitching my Stained Glass Strings together again and made some good progress.

I must remember to remember, that even when I get crazy busy, it's important to my well being that I take the time to enjoy some daily stitching.
Even sewing for a short time, the effects are obvious! 

Happy Stitching!

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  1. I agree, sewing everyday is good for the mind,soul and body.

  2. I especially like the hand stitching because it forces me to slow down and relax.

  3. El tomar nuestro tiempo para coser, es tan relajante, cómo hacer una meditación. Un saludo

  4. I agree, stitching is such wonderful therapy for the soul.

  5. I agree...Sewing always helps me to relax. =)