Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Gifts Made for Grandsons - Post #1

I'm not splitting the posts about the two gifts I made recently, for my Grandsons, because there is a lot to say about each...
The second post will have a few more pictures to show more about how I made it.

The reason is that my little man T got his gift already...and E hasn't. :)

T is just about to turn 3 and the whole parcel business became part of the fun adventure for him.
Because they weren't home when the mailman was trying to deliver his parcel, they had to go to the post office, to pick it up.
Then, back at home, the fun was the opening the box, to find his mail from me.
Wow is the word he uses when he opens his gifts - so cute!
And then, with his parents, they went over to his IKEA dollhouse to place his new tiny quilts on the beds, for his tiny people.

These are the tiniest quilts I've ever made.
And for such a worthy reason!
I used fabric with small printed patches, which I've had in my collection for ages.
Folding them in half, right sides together, I stitched them on 3 sides, adding a thin batting.
I turned them right side out and stitched the open end closed.
And then added hand quilting around the edge and across the designs.

An extra special treasure about the brown/orange one is that fabric was part of my Mom's fabric stash, that I received from her. 

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Awww. bet he was thrilled and it's so nice to use such special fabrics.

    1. My son told me a very sweet story about his excitement...that I'll treasure! :) <3