Monday, September 03, 2018

Only One More Sleep

I've now lived here, off grid in my forest, for 8 years - as of August 31st.
And like the week when I arrived here 8 years ago, the white rose bush put out a late rose for me to enjoy. :)

When reflecting this morning, I realized that it's the eve of my 2018 Online Quilters Meet & Greet!

My very busy summer, sending out invitations,  arranging for the Great Grand Prize, and setting up the special page, is all coming together to go live tomorrow!!

I've so enjoyed being in touch with quilters from all over the world.
Some I've known for years, but had not been in close touch with, so we got to catch up.
Many more of the quilters were new to me, and it was wonderful exploring their blogs and the quilts they make!

I'm very pleased with my special guest list of quilters that are taking part, and I know that you will find some creative inspiration by visiting them, too.

I want to take this opportunity to say Thank You to all of my special guests - I'm so glad you could join me for this adventure.
And an extra big Thank You to the sponsors of the Great Grand Prize.

A whole month of extra fun!

You get to be inspired by quilters that you don't already know, and enter to win the Great Grand Prize from each of the blogs you visit.
One lucky winner will be chosen on October 1st.

Until Tomorrow!

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  1. Thank you for all your work on this fun event. Looking forward to tomorrow!!

  2. I'm looking forward to meeting new friends too. Thanks for including me.

    1. You're welcome Joan - I'm so glad you could be one of my special guests!

  3. Lokking forward to this and will totally enjoy meeting a whole new set of stichers and crafters. This is a lovely post, you are now a blogger!