Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Catching Me Unprepared

Yesterday, shortly after I posted my blog post, I was boiling a kettle to make a second coffee, when I lost my power.
That was a complete surprise.
I was not expecting it, as in the summer, with the longer days, I get plenty of sun/daylight to charge my off grid system batteries.
And I'll admit that I get into a habit of not checking the panel to see how charged my batteries get each day.

Since I didn't have full sun the day before yesterday, I hadn't noticed I didn't get a full charge, and then the power available is 'soft' and easy to use up when heating anything!

And as yesterday was a big rain day here, the daylight was limited, so 'charging' of my batteries just couldn't happen, until I got some sunshine again.

That made me 'need' to start the woodstove, so I could heat water for my coffees.
I wasn't ready to want to start making my food with a hot woodstove, so I just ate a muffin, a few sandwiches & fruit for the day.

Because I had just gone through my easy season, I didn't even have all the smaller batteries I use charged up.
My camera batteries were a good example.
I took the one picture of the kettle and those batteries were completely used up.

Thankfully I did have a few extra sets of smaller batteries for my headlamp, and larger ones for the lantern.

My diligence for watching how much power I have and my planning mode, on the best way to use a days power, have now begun good practice to get me through the next bunch of months.

Of course my plans for the day got completely changed.
No computer, internet or answering emails.
No ironing the pile of fabrics I need for some quilt blocks I'm working on.

What did I do for the rest of yesteday and this morning, until I got my power back?

I did have my Stained Glass Strings blocks, ready to add the sashing between the blocks, so I did get Row #2 together!

I'm all powered up now and am catching up!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Replies
    1. I hand sewed one side of my sashings, Jacqueline - because of how thin they are, it makes for a lovelier finish.

  2. I am not off grid, but I have a treadle and hand crank that I love to sew with. I could not do what you are doing.

  3. Thanks for the reminder to charge my camera batteries before going to a quilt show at Upper Canada Village this weekend.

  4. We like to watch all the Alask shows of people living off grid. I have watched enough to know I am so spoiled and I need to be more grateful. I take things, like electricity, far too granted!