Monday, September 10, 2018

Sew... What's Next?

I've known all summer what my 'next' quilt project will be, and though I wanted to start it right time was required getting the Quilters Meet & Greet together.

Now that it's online, I'm able to put my thoughts towards my newest quilt designs.

Beginning this month - available to Members of Victoriana Quilters, I'm offering two new children's quilt patterns.
Both of them will come with companion eBooks that go along with the quilt!

Here's how it works...
Each month I will publish one block from each quilt.
The block patterns will be free to Members - for one month only.
Note: After the 'free month' the pattern will be available to Members to purchase.
Stitch one or both or collect the patterns to use later!

Purchase your Non-expiring Quilt Pattern Membership now
and don't miss any of it!

Sew Fun!

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  1. Such cute patterns. That rocket ship would delight many a little one.

    1. Thanks, Mary! <3
      Both designs are samplers.
      The If I Drive... has a bunch of different vehicles to drive.
      The Storyland are fun Nursery Rhyme blocks.