Friday, September 07, 2018

Through the Trees

Living in a forest, I don't see the horizon.
So when an amazing sunrise happens, I only get hints of it shining through the trees.
It was an intensely coloured sky, for only a few short minutes, this morning.
Stopping to enjoy it, is akin to smelling the roses!

It's been a strange few days here.
I had a 'scarier than a bear' incident happen here two nights ago and it shook me up enough to throw a curve into my day yesterday.
[Due to how personal it is, I'm only sharing about it on a new 'My Off Grid Adventure Letters' post, which I added this morning.
These letters became available to Member's only a few years ago, because I discovered it's not always a good thing to post everything online - open to everyone/anyone.]

A good night sleep and a colourful sky to start the day makes up for so much!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. That sounds scary. Glad all is okay now and that you were able to enjoy the sunrise.

  2. I love those beautiful sunsets as well, no matter where they happen. Bear must have been snooping around for something tasty ;) Blessings!

    1. Actually, Anita - that was a sunrise. :)
      And my mistake...that should have said 'scarier than a bear' incident!
      I did have a bear at my bedroom window a few years ago...which is why I'm able to compare the two. :)

  3. I don't share everything on line either. I hope all is well now after your scare!

    1. I don't mind sharing it in the secure section of my site, when access is limited to my kind Members - not just 'anyone' you obviously get.
      It's taken a few days to shake it off, Amy....and feeling a lot better this morning, thanks! <3