Monday, July 23, 2018

Easy Peasy + Free Templates

Through the years, that I've been promoting quilting, I have noticed that more and more tools are available to buy.
I have two problems with the pressure on quilters to have everything that is available.

Who can afford all of these 'extra' goodies?
How many people are getting turned off quilting because they feel it's just too expensive?
The other problem is, with the 'cookie cutter' templates for applique, uniqueness in design is getting rare.

To make a quilt you do need good cotton fabrics and threads, a sewing machine or not, needles, scissors...and a good rotary cutter, a few basic rulers and a cutting mat.
That's it - All the other items are for fun, sometimes a little help and for the 'quilting industry' to make a bunch of money!

So if you are interested in trying applique, but feel you need too much to give it a try, I'm going to show you, over the next few days, how this very affordable, creative fun, can be a great way to play with your fabrics!

Making the Templates...

I repurpose the cardboard from cereal & cracker boxes plus other sources, to make all of my templates. This is a pasta box, which was a good size.

 I trace the template shape over graphite/carbon paper, onto the plain side of the cardboard.

I then cut out the shapes with a craft knife - using an old cutting mat.

I have a free printable with the complete instructions on
how to make & use 'Cardboard Templates' here.

Tomorrow I'll cover how to prepare the patches for my favourite applique method.

Happy Stitching!

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