Saturday, July 14, 2018

Sailboats Anyone?

Long before I moved to the east coast, I grew up and spent most of my life in Ontario.
When looking through my quilts, I was a little surprised to find how many sailboats I've included in my quilts - Eight!
And then again...maybe I shouldn't be, as a sailboat is such a symbol of summer for me, because my Father had a sailboat, and each summer he'd take me sailing on Lake Simcoe.
Don't be mistaken, I don't personally know how to sail, but always enjoyed the peaceful way the wind blows you across the water - no motor needed!

[Note: The highlighted words are also links to the different quilt patterns, if you'd like more information.]

The first time I included a sailboat was in my Nautica quilt, with all six blocks having a nautical, east coast theme.
And a few decades later, I feel right at home here!

The Sampler
I also included a sailboat in my The Sampler quilt, which has 32 ~ 6" blocks!

Row by Row for Baby
In 2003 the Row by Row for Baby quilt didn't include a sailboat,
but I did offer a Sailboat row as one of the bonus options:
Row by Row for Baby Bonus Rows
Strings Calendar Quilt
In 2007, my free Block of the Month was the Strings Calendar quilt, which included one.
This quilt pattern is currently available to Victoriana Quilt Designs Members here.

Sunbonnet Family Gallery
In 2009 the Member Series quilt was this Sunbonnet Family Gallery quilt.
The July block included a toy sailboat.
Sunbonnet Family Gallery July Block

Cuddly Comfort Flannel quilt with 'Matching' Book
The Flannel Cuddly Comfort quilt with it's 'Matching Book' includes a sailboat, too!

Postcards from...The Netherlands
The Postcards from...The Netherlands was the next quilt that I included another version.

A Touch of Fun!
The final one I've included (so far) was in my 2016 A Touch of Fun!, which was a free Block of the Month, and is also currently available to members here.

Happy Sailing!

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