Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Scrap Fun!

String Spools
I know a big reason I fell in love with patchwork & quilting is the idea of using up the small bits of scrap fabrics to make something new and beautiful.
What's not to love about scrappy quilts!!
All the different fabrics to peruse, and the memories that they bring to mind!

I've enjoyed exploring different designs to play with my scraps.

This String Spool quilt was part of a Scrap Series I did on the site over the years.
You can explore a bunch more of my scrap quilt designs here. The links to the tutorials or patterns are included.

But for fun I'm going to share some of them a bit of a Scrappy Quilt Show. :)

Scraps Galore Quilt Pattern
Scraps Galore is my best selling scrap quilt pattern - It's been a hit since 2013.
It's my most 'stolen' design, too...which is not fun!
If you're thinking of making this quilt, by using my picture as your guide -
You need to buy the pattern for permission, plus you'll get my easy method for making it!

Plus...Click here to see my Scraps Galore 2 quilt.  

Friendship Swap
This is one of my first scrappy quilts, from a series of lap scrap quilts I made for my family.

My 'Charm Quilt' is a design I've made many tops to-date.
The first reversible quilt & pattern is available here.
Every piece of fabric that comes to live with my collection gets a small cut, and that patch is made into blocks for more of these - they are literally my collection of fabric sewn into quilts!

Scrappy Roses
Scrappy Roses was also fun to create, playing with my greens & pink fabrics.

Patchwork Trick or Treat Bag
I've even had much fun using patchwork to make smaller projects,
including this Halloween Trick or Treat Bag.

Patchwork for Baby
And these Patchwork for Baby bib, burp cloth, teddy bear and two soft blocks.
I've made this set twice - one set for each of my Grandsons!

Okay - I'll stop here, though I have many more I could share.
Perhaps I'll do another post about them in the future.

Happy Scrappy Stitching!

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