Monday, August 27, 2018

Don't You Love When That Happens?

I scheduled some time this weekend to get the August Television Block,
of my 'A Novel Idea' free Block of the Month online.

I gave myself the time to make the block, process the photographs for the tutorial and even write the tutorial.
But what I didn't have time for was a big search for the right buttons to add to the block as the television knobs.

What's keeping me extra busy right now, is preparing for the 2018 Online Quilters Meet & Greet, that I'm hosting, beginning September 4th.
And this past week my new Fabric Quilt Labels arrived, and I had a bunch of packages to get in the mail, for those who pre-ordered.

I know where my button boxes are - one for each colour of button.
Yes, my button collection is that big...and fun...and I'll share some pictures of it some time.
But, of course, the black button box is on the bottom of a big stack, with lots of boxes stacked in front, because I live in this small house. I really didn't relish the idea of spending my precious time moving so much, just to get to the box.
I then spotted two jars under the bed (been there for ages), full of buttons that had not been 'sorted' into my collection.
I grabbed one of them, washed the dust off of it, and dumped it into a tray, hoping & hoping that there was a pair of black shank buttons that would be the right size for television knobs....please....

At first I was frustrated to notice that most of the buttons in the jar were not black, and of those very few had a matching pair.

And then I found them!
I couldn't have picked better buttons, if I had gotten to my black button box!!
Don't you agree that these are perfect?

I love when that happens! :)

Enjoy looking through your buttons...

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  1. Aww....a flashback to the days when televisions had buttons instead of a remote!

  2. I love buttons and am lucky enough to have 2 bins worth thanks to friends, my mother-in-law and a going out of business sale. Most of my buttons are old (1940's and up). I've been fortunate to most of the time to find just what I need in those bins. I do love when that happens!