Thursday, August 23, 2018

Keepsake Quilts

What's not to love about looking at a quilt, 18 years later, and remembering the very special day it was made for.
This is me (green flower) and my two wonderful sons, on a branch of My Family Tree wall hanging quilt, that I made for my Parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary, in 2000.

I asked each of my family members - I'm one of 7 children - for a picture of themselves and their children.
I made each the center of a flower that is their favourite colour.

My Family Tree Quilt
My Parent's wedding photo is in the trunk of the tree, and both sets of Grandparents, at their 50th Wedding Anniversary, in the roots of the tree.
I'll never forget my Mom's tearful reaction to it.

It's been one of my best selling quilt patterns through the years.
The branches are adaptable to any size family.
You'll find all the details about My Family Tree quilt pattern here.

My School Years Keepsake Growth Chart Quilt
This is My School Years, a growth chart keepsake quilt.
It includes picture pockets to display the wallet size school pictures you collect through the years, and also let's you keep some treasures in.
Plus mark the growth with sewn on buttons!

With Love Signature Keepsake Quilt
I've also made signature quilts for the weddings of special members of my family.
The signing of the patches are collected at the wedding, and I've sewn them into quilts after the fact.
Signature Quilts are a great way to make a treasured keepsake for any special occasion. They are great for a Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, or Retirement.
This adjustable 'We Love You' quilt pattern includes information, tips and fabric suggestions for putting this memory quilt together.

Wedding Keepsake Quilt
Earlier this year, I added this sweet keepsake wall hanging quilt, which can be made for any Wedding or Anniversary, to be treasured for years!
More details: Wedding Keepsake Quilt 

Shower Keepsake Quilt
This Super Quick & Easy Bridal or Baby Shower Keepsake Quilt Pattern can be quickly sewn by machine (some hand stitching options included), and is adjustable to the number of guest signatures required.
The pattern includes information, tips and fabric suggestions for putting this quilt together.
What a fun memory quilt for this special day!

Ginger Folk Quilt
My Ginger Folk quilt pattern includes clothing templates for you to add to the "Folk", to make this quilt a memory for any special event, like a family reunion!

Templates for the clothing are included, as a place to add the names.

A Crazy Quilt Keepsake
This Crazy Quilt Keepsake was created with laces, trims, buttons, broaches, charms and fabrics from Grandma's special clothing. I even added a small belt buckle!
And then I added her silhouette in the center.
So special to me!!
More details & instructions: A Crazy Quilt Keepsake mini quilt.

Quilting is so wonderful for creating special memories, that will be treasured forever!!

Happy Memory Stitching!

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  1. These are SO fun!! I ordered a new die cut for work -- a snowflake, with a cutout for a picture -- that would be perfect for this kind of quilting! I'm so excited now!!! :)

  2. That 50th anniversary quilt is such a great idea. I'll bet your folks loved it.

    1. They did - and treasured it for the rest of their lives.
      The quilt lives with me, now, and am sure it will be treasured for generations to come! :)