Saturday, August 04, 2018

Free Printables to Decorate Your Sewing Area

Through the years I've shared many pictures from old cards.

Some as quilty inspiration, and others as printables to decorate a sewing area.

I'm a fabric collector!
No guilt - loud and proud!!
I'll share more about my collection and how I store it, in a future post.
Today I want to share my free printables with you can also decorate your sewing area.

I made a second version of the collector sign, too - for fun! :)
You can request your copy of these here.

Another is this sweet girl, with the conversions written on her blackboard.
The printable does not include the words 'Free Printable Yard to Inches Chart', of course.
Request your copy here.

Whenever I've posted about my 'Not with my scissors, please!' printable,
I always get a lot of laughs and stories about how this sign is much needed, to remind other family members.
Get our copy here.

With my love of fonts, I had such fun creating  this small printable poster,
with all of those quilting & sewing words.
I made two versions - British & American English, because we spell the word colors/colours differently!
Request your copy here.

Happy Stitching!

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