Friday, August 24, 2018

Sooner = More!

The value of my *NEW* Non-expiring Quilt Pattern Membership is amazing!
Let me make my case for you...

1. You get many, many Free Quilt Patterns: All of the patterns on the main Pattern Page are available to you, plus you can download all the new quilt patterns added, when they are first added to the site.
That's why the sooner you join, the more you get!

For example: The current new free pattern is the Happy Hour table runner/wall hanging quilt pattern.
It's free to current members until the end of August, and then becomes available for the deep discount of all the quilt patterns on the Past Patterns page (below).

2. You can see the dozens of quilt patterns you have to choose from, on the Past Patterns page!
Members are able to purchase a whole range of quilt patterns from Victoriana Quilt Designs for a deep discount nominal fee.

3. There's a Mystery Quilt Pattern which is so fun!
Follow along one step at a time to be surprised at the final design.

4. In the Schoolhouse section you have access to my Online Workshops.
There's the Beginner's Quilting Online Class, Applique Basics,  the Crazy Quilt Christmas Workshop. Plus you have access to the Simply Lovely Beginner Quilt Companion Tutorial.
And I also offer Stitch Alongs.


5. You can request a copy of my Printable Quilt Journal.
Print your copy and start recording your quilt making history.

6. You also can request a copy of my Printable Quilt Row Markers.
Print these pretty quilt row markers out - They help you keep the rows & columns of any quilt project in order.

And there's even more...

7. Scrap Quilt Patterns: Great Tips, too!
A collection of scrap quilt patterns to use your stash fabrics. 

8. Past Block of the Month Quilt Patterns: 17 Years Worth!
These include the Simple Unit Series, String Calendar; A Touch of Fun!; Scrappy Quilt Series; Celebrating Words & Flowers; 4-Patch Fun! Pattern Play.

9. Member's Only Technique Files: Quilt Technique How to's
These additional files can be added to the free quilt technique files available in the Library of the site.

10. All of the past Design of the Month files are available to you.
All of these designs can be used as quilting motif or for a redwork/embroidery project.

11. Quilt Block Index section is available to members.
This traditional block listing includes links to online instructions (if available).

12. Members Notebook: This section has news, notes and important reminders for members.
Be sure to read the new entries and reminders every month.

Also for Victoriana Quilt Designs Member's Only...

13. Affiliate Program: Members can receive free quilt patterns, for recommending Victoriana Quilt Designs (Memberships or Patterns) to your quilting friends!

14. Membership Birthday Club:
Members can register their birthday and receive on their special day, an exclusive Birthday ecard, a Printable Gift, and be entered in the Monthly Draw.
Complete details and registration information can be found in the Members Notebook.

15. My Off Grid Adventure Letters:
Due to privacy reasons, it has become necessary for me to remove my adventure letters from public viewing.
Since my Members are the ones who make it possible for me to continue to live here, I thought it would be a nice addition to the Members Only section!

$50.00 is an amazing value for 
for this Non-expiring Membership!!

Happy Stitching!

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