Tuesday, August 21, 2018

They're Here!!

My *NEW* Fabric Quilt Labels, that I talked about last month, have arrived - and they are even more wonderful than I could have hoped for!
I hand printed a test label (see below), and the fabric was so lovely & smooth!

You get a pretty good view of the 7 different labels, between the two pictures.

A close up.

Cut the labels apart where marked with the light grey line.

Your personalized hand printing makes it wonderful!

Every quilt should have a label sewn on the back, so future generations will know that you made the quilt, for who and when.
This information added to the back of your quilts will be treasured for years!
My new fabric quilt labels make that easy. 

Fill in your own details with a fabric pen - whatever information you'd like to include.

Fabric Quilt Labels
The panel includes 7 unique quilt labels on quality cotton.
Instructions Included.
Free Shipping to Canada & USA only.

Special Note to those who took advantage of my pre-sale...
Your labels will be in the mail this week!

Happy Stitching!

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