Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Quilting Fabric Storage Ideas

One of my favourite parts of being a quilter is the fabric collecting!
For a few years, when I still lived in British Columbia, my stash building was quite extensive, with parcels arriving regularly.
And at some point, major re-organizing was required, so I could get easy access to all of my fabrics, after I moved to Nova Scotia to live off-grid in a forest.
This house is pretty small, and the only other storage is the garage.

I re-discovered the Fabric Collecting & Storage Ideas page on my site yesterday, where I wrote about my organizing process, including moving the collection over to clear plastic boxes.

Side Note: After 8 years of my fabrics living in these plastic boxes, in the garage, through all the winters, I'm happy to tell you my fabrics are still lovely and fresh!

Plus my kitties have loved using them in the house to climb up and sleep on with baby blankets placed on top of the stacks for extra cushioning.
[This picture is from a few years ago - when I lived on the Bay of Fundy for one winter, and brought some of my collection with me.]
Of course it occasionally happens that I have to wait for their nap to be over, so I can dig into the bucket on the bottom of the stack. :)

And some fun extras...

I also include these printable blank labels for you to request, for your own fabric organizing.

And there's a Printable Fat Quarter Star how-to for you to request, too. 

My Fabric Collecting & Storage Ideas page was added to my site as part of the Fabric Party I held online in 2011, when my site Victoriana Quilt Designs had it's 10th Anniversary.

Jacquard Free Quilt Pattern
Made with fabrics from many different companies, I offered this Jacquard quilt pattern, which is still available online here.

Happy Fabric Organizing!

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