Saturday, August 11, 2018

Emails and Emails and Parcel, Oh My!

I don't go to town often.
And in often I mean, perhaps every few weeks, if it's possible.
Yesterday was that day, to pick up a parcel and get some much needed groceries!
I thought the parcel was going to be my quilt fabric labels.
[You can read about my new product coming soon, here.]

But it turned out to be the Kai Scissors, that are part of the 'Great Grand Prize' for my 2018 Online Quilters Meet & Greet, coming September 4th.
[You can read more about that event here.]

I had to open the box to peak at this set, and was thrilled (for the winner) that all 3 pairs of scissors come with 'covers' to secure the points...and the embroidery pair even comes hanging from a rope, that allows you to nicely hang it around the neck - 'sew' handy!

Because of the town trip, taking me away from home yesterday, the stormy afternoon away from the computer on Thursday and all that is going on at Victoriana Quilt Designs, I have a whole bunch of emails to get to today!

There are, of course, the many Online Quilters Meet & Greet emails - lots of back and forth with my special guests, right now, as I get the special page prepared.

Plus there are a whole bunch of emails from those who are wanting to upgrade their Victoriana Quilt Designs Membership to the non-expiring version.
Did you read about that news yet? Learn more here.

And then later, I will need a little needle and thread action! :)

Happy Stitching!

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  1. I've heard those scissors are really great. That was a fun trip to pick them up.

    1. Going to town, because I don't go often, does become a 'deal' - catching everything up that needs doing...and as a bonus, coffee with a good friend!

  2. You are a really busy girl, Benita.