Tuesday, August 07, 2018

My Old Irons

I wrote about using an iron in quilting last week, and that post gave me the idea to also post about these beauties.
These are my antique irons....

The brass one I received from my Grandmother, many years ago and I treasure it.
It's known as a charcoal iron.
The top lifts up and a piece of hot coal would keep the iron hot - longer.
I don't think this iron was ever used, as it's too lovely!

The other two were purchased by my ex, when we were planning our move off-grid.
He thought I could use those to iron my fabrics when our power was limited.

I believe the clunky one on the left is known as a sad iron. It has a removable handle.
'Sad' is an Old English word for solid.

I use this one as a door stop.

The flat iron on the right has been most useful when I need something heavy to hold something down.

I knew, before moving off-grid, that I would prefer to wait until there is enough power to use my electric iron, than taking the chance at scorching my fabrics with these old irons.

I'm happy to have them, though, as old sewing items are always welcome additions to my sewing room decor. :)

Happy Stitching!

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