Monday, August 20, 2018

Fruits of My Labour

Fruits, as a food group, are so delicious!
I'm happy to be growing (or trying to) several different fruit trees - cherry, pears, plums & apple.
There are a few grape vines and a strawberry plant.
I am also lucky to have wild raspberries & blackberries.

Sharing my living space (off grid forest living) with critters also means I share my fruit with them, as they also think they are delicious!

As I was scrolling through my quilt list, I was quite surprised how often I've added apples to my quilts!
I'm not including pictures of them all, but if you want to see them: Apple trees in Seasonally; apple basket in Sunbonnet Family Gallery; a green apple in Colour My World; My School Years Keepsake Growth Chart Quilt; apple pie in Postcards from...USA; Thank You Teacher quilt; Homespun Harvest & Homespun Harvest Cornucopia; and in the member's only section - String Calendar Throw quilt and A Touch of Fun! quilt.
I did say it was a lot!

Slices of Life Quilt
We celebrated fruit with the Member's Series Slices of Life quilt, in 2006.

Summer Garden Quilt
This Summer Garden sampler quilt includes a pear.

Sweetie Pie Baby Playmat Quilt
Cherries for the Sweetie Pie Baby Playmat Quilt.

Strawberry Picnic Quilt
Strawberries & watermelon in the Strawberry Picnic wall hanging quilt.

Victoriana Album Quilt
And even a Grapevine Wreath in my Victoriana Album quilt!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. I particularly love the apples! I have several apple projects in wool and applique that I look forward to getting out and putting on display in September! It's almost time!! :)

    1. Thanks, Denise - I do, too - There's something about that green border the makes that block so lovely!
      There's also something about wool applique that's 'calling me'...
      What a lovely addition to your home, for Autumn!