Thursday, August 30, 2018

Making Quilts as Gifts

It's so true...
I often have fond thoughts and remember moments & memories, as I work on a quilt for someone.
It's like adding love with every stitch!

I have a meme that says that, too. :)

After you gift the quilt, to be sure the receiver takes the proper care of it, so they can treasure it for years, I have a free printable Quilt Care Instructions you can request from the highlighted link & give it along with the quilt.

And of course, finishing of your gift by adding a quilt label on the back, with the special information you'll want them to remember - for generations to come!

I'm so pleased I'm able to offer these fabric quilt labels, which makes adding one to your quilt so easy!

I like to tell my recipients, that wrapping the quilt around them is like getting a big hug from me...

Happy Gift Stitching!

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  1. Gracias Betina, una gran informaciĆ³n en tu entrada. Un saludo