Monday, June 18, 2018

A Decorative Kind of Hand Quilting

Whee! Close Up
A different kind of quilting, that adds a wonderful detail to many of my quilt designs is stitching blanket stitches with embroidery floss, around the applique elements, through all the layers.
And with this stitching no extra quilting is required around the designs.

I think the look is charming!

This detail of my Whee! quilt shows the black stitching I added.

Faux 30's Close Up
I also used black blanket stitches for my Faux 30's quilt, as that was the style back then.

Butterfly Garden Quilt
My Butterfly Garden quilt, which is made as a quilt-as-you-go project, I also used black blanket stitches.

Family Tree Quilt
They added such a unifying detail for the colourful My Family Tree quilt, too.

Stuffies Ellie the Elephant Baby Quilt
But black stitching isn't the only way I add blanket stitches.
Using matching embroidery floss makes the detail subtler, but it still adds a charm!
For my first Stuffies baby quilt - Ellie the Elephant I used her turquoise colour, and even added regular quilting stitches with embroidery floss, across the border patches, for more charm.

Pet Stuffies Calico the Cat Baby Quilt
I used this finishing method for all of my Stuffies series.

Stuffies Monkey Close Up
And now again for my newest Stuffies Monkey - this quilt pattern is coming soon.
This is my progress picture from yesterday, which gave me the idea for this post. :)
If you'd like the how-to for the Blanket Stitch, you can find the free 'Decorative Stitches' file in the Techniques ~ Hand Sewing section, in the Library of my site here.

Shower Keepsake Signature Quilt
Adding the blanket stitching around the hearts as the quilting is a perfect way to finish this Quick & Easy Shower Keepsake Signature quilt.

Baby Patchwork Set
See how charming the embroidery floss quilting makes this sweet set for Baby?
Victoriana Quilt Designs Member's can find the link to the tutorial for these on the Pattern Page - Scroll down to the Scraps Section.

Dresden Plate with Butterfly Free Quilt Pattern
I have free instructions for making the Dresden Plate with Butterfly quilt, which is another perfect design for the black embroidery blanket stitching, done as the quilting.
This quilt block would also make a lovely pillow, if you'd prefer to try it as a smaller project!

I don't use anything fancy - this was today's collection of tools.
Psst....I added the instructions for that mini hexagon pincushion to the 'Handwork' section of my site in 2013, when I was hosting a hexie stitch along.
I thought this pincushion was a nice touch to add to my hexie sewing kit!
The free tutorial is still online here.

You have my permission to share this image.

Happy Stitching!

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