Sunday, June 03, 2018

Even a Desk Can be Inspirational!

I love finding great new uses for older things - Repurposing them for a new life.
Basting thread is a staple in my sewing, so a large white spool is put to good use.
My favourite applique method is to baste the pieces in advance [Basting Appliqué] and then to baste them to the background before blind stitching.
As tempting as it might be to use up smaller amounts of old coloured thread, I have found the coloured threads leave something behind, after I pull the basting back out.
I also use this basting thread for my current 'While You Wait' quilt project.
I'm English Paper Piecing apple core patches, for my Anniversary Keepsake quilt.  

Keeping the spool in this tin keeps it dust free, and because I punched a hole in the lid, the thread pulls out as I need it.
Tip: Add the hole in the lid by hammering a small nail through it, from the underside. Be careful where you place the lid to do this, as you don't want to nail into something good!

Do you repurpose everyday items for your sewing? - share your suggestions in the comments!

Fabrics Playing Well Together...

I'm 'sew' loving this colour combination!
Psst...This is a sneak peak at a new 'free' pattern I'll be adding to my site this month - Another way I'm celebrating my site's 17th Anniversary online - with another quilty gift for you.
If you'd like to learn about my method for picking fabrics, you'll find my tips on the Choosing Fabrics for Your Quilts information page.

Fun Find & Colour Inspiration...

Used with permission Courtesy of the Concord Museum
Recently, I started listening to Walden from a great - free - audio book site
You will find a huge library of titles to download here.
Listening to audio books while stitching combines two of my favourite things to do.
And why am I mentioning this while showing you a this beautiful green desk?
This is the actual desk Henry David Thoreau used to write his book!

Happy Stitching!

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