Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Bee Happy

Posted by Dr. Kate Strasdin, Fashion Historian
I am always fascinated noticing just how many different bees there are around here.
Did you know most bees are solitary and don't live in hives?

This Doucet ballgown (circa 1905) caught my eye. There are embroidered motifs of bees swarming all over the dress - Amazingly lovely!!

That's what inspired today's post.
I thought it would be fun to share the bees I've included in quilts.
Though nothing so elegant as the details of that dress!

Strawberry Picnic
My big, fat bee sits in the bottom right corner of my Strawberry Picnic quilt,
with the beehive over on the other side.
This quilted wall hanging, that I made in 2002, was the first time I used a bee in a quilt.

Baby Bugs Quilt
In 2006 I designed my Baby Bugs quilt - so fun!
Of course it had to include a bee!

A Touch of Fun! Beehive & Bee Quilt Block
 In 2016, I offered 'A Touch of Fun!' free Block of the Month.
This Beehive & Bee was the August block.
The tutorial describes the folded hexies method that are made with circles.
Members can find this block and the all of the 'A Touch of Fun' quilt instructions in the Past Block of the Month section.

I just noticed - the yellow plaid I used for this bee is the same fabric that I used for the bee in the Strawberry Picnic quilt. :)

Happy Stitching!

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  1. I worry about the bees. It seems we are losing so many. It's really scary because we will be in big trouble without them. I have lots of hummingbirds every year. I always hand feeders for them. Last fall the bees took over a couple of my hummingbird feeders. I just hung out more feeders and kept feeding the bees. I'm looking forward to them again this year.

    1. I saw this quote recently, that says it all, Kaye.
      "We once grew our food without chemicals.
      We never grew our food without bees."
      Thanks for caring about them!