Friday, June 22, 2018

When in the Mood...

I had planned to work on my June 'A Novel Idea' block yesterday, and got as far as cutting up the fabrics.
But I kept looking over at the full basket of small 4-Patch scrappy units that were waiting to be trimmed.
These are my current anchor cloth project, and I've been making good progress.
Trimming them down is not usually what I feel like doing, if I give myself a choice.
[This is my favourite way to make tiny 4-Patches. I'll be sharing the tips soon to go with my Postage Stamp with a Twist tutorial.]
Though yesterday - the basket kept calling me and I found I wanted to do some trimming.
When the mood strikes I take advantage!

So I got set up, including my current audio book, and spent a very pleasant few hours trimming the stack.
It's amazing how fast time goes, while doing these not-as-fun-as-sewing jobs, when you are interested in what you're listening to!
And the forest birds were adding such a lovely background sound, through the open windows.

I didn't take the 'Before' picture until I had some units already trimmed and had to stop to sharpen my rotary cutter blade.
I got it all done and these units are now ready to sew into blocks!
The bowl of trimming bits gets added to the latest pretty pillowcase I found. 
When full, it will be made into another pillow-bed for Ember and Coal to use. :)

Repurposed Hexagon Basket
I'm so please to have this pretty hexagon basket with lid, back in use.
I was able to make them stronger & usable again, by hand stitching some grosgrain ribbon around the top edge.
DIY ~> Use the back-stitch, adjusting the length to work with the basket.
You'll notice the ribbon matches my Playing with Pincushions series.
Sewing Room Lovelies!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. An open window and listening to the birds will do it for me every time...great mood setter.

    1. oh yeah, I do my best work in the daylight in the window....setting a mood !! perfect setting !! :-)

  2. Hi Benita, nice job, what you show looks peaceful and the amount you accomplished !!! that is great !!! I enjoy just sitting and listening while working !!! I like what you did with the baskets !!! :-) xo

    1. Thanks, Rosemary!
      I do so love having both the basket & lid around again, as a pretty way to hold things around my sewing machine.