Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Pretty Old...

Are you like me?
 like to make my sewing space lovely to look at, if I can.
And there was something about the plain, plastic retractable tape measure that I had, that screamed 'Please cover me up!'.

So I did - Didn't it turn out just lovely?

You might have one that looks really similar. 

Want to make yours pretty, too?
I have the how to on my site here!
You can see what the original one looked like there.

Vintage Printable...

You have my permission to save and print this image, for your personal use only.
This old card is from Chadwick's Spool Cotton - 1896
Using empty spools, put together a Sewing Circle for a little one to play with,
or keep it on a shelf in your sewing space.

It's All in the Details...

Image used with permission © Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Extraordinary embroidery inspiration on this men's court suit from the 1790's!

Happy Stitching!

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