Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Quilt for My Dad

In the mid 1990's, I made a series of scrap lap quilts for my family members.
Except for my Dad.

I made a quilt especially for him, based on a school book of his I found.
My Grandfather had a series of butcher shops (yes the old-fashioned kind with meats & sausages hanging from hooks), and my Father went to 'sausage school', to learn the art of making yummy sandwich meats and sausages.
In his papers, I found graphed out designs that he created, and then made into sausages, so the slices of meat would have fancy designs.
I believe these were part of a final exam, though my memory on that is lacking, and alas he is no longer here to ask.
I was so excited to see how much they looked like quilt blocks.
He didn't know I had seen his school notes, and with my Mom's help, I was able keep it a secret, until he saw the quilt.

Butcher Blocks (1995)
This 'Butcher Blocks' quilt is the result.
I used a farm print for the center, and the four 'sausage' designs are in the corners.
Can you imagine making a sandwich with these fancy slices of meat?
Pretty amazing to think about, considering they were made from meat!
If you look real close you can see that I quilted a windmill in the center of the quilt.

I'm so pleased it is now treasured by my brother, who also became a butcher.

Happy Father's Day to all the 'Fathers' in my life!

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  1. I know your Dad was so happy when you gave him the quilt. I spent many weekends and summers on my aunt and uncle's farm. They had cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys and ducks. They raised a big garden and several different crops which they sold each year. I live in the country now. We used to have a big garden but never farm animals. I would love to have chickens but then we wouldn't be able to travel. I'll have to settle for the ceramic ones I have in my kitchen.

    1. Thanks Kaye - Yes, he was happy with his quilt...It was kept on the back of his chair, where he always saw it.
      What wonderful memories you must have on the farm.
      A good thing about ceramic chickens is they don't wake you up too early. :)